My recent cover story on the efforts by DC Water to promote the local tap as a culinary product stirred up a lot of opinions about how local water tastes.

Now the agency is putting the public to the test to see if you (yes, you!) can tell the difference between tap, filtered, and Deer Park water. Starting tomorrow through Oct. 10, the agency will hold blind taste-test challenges every Wednesday, rotating through each ward in the city.

DC Water has been conducting regular taste tests for the public since 2010, but now it plans to group them as an annual series, “Water Wednesdays.” DC Water staff will set up booths at each location, and anyone can stop by to sample. Here’s where to go to participate:

Ward 2 — Aug. 22
2221 I St. NW

Ward 3 — Aug. 29
Whole Foods (Tenley Circle)
4530 40th St. NW

Ward 4 — Sept. 5
Petworth Metro
3700 Georgia Ave. NW

Ward 5 — Sept. 12
Home Depot
901 Rhode Island Ave. NE

Ward 6 — Sept. 19
Southwest Waterfront
1100 4th St. SW

Ward 7 — Sept. 26
Penn-Branch Shopping Center
3220 Pennsylvania Ave. SE

Ward 8 — Oct. 3
Ward 8 Constituent Building
2100 Martin Luther King Jr. Ave. SE

Ward 1 — Oct. 10
Columbia Heights Metro
3030 14th St. NW