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Tofu used to be one of the only items on The Source’s menu not made in house. But two months ago, executive chef Scott Drewno began making his own spice- and herb-infused version of the soy-milk staple. “A lot of times when you get store-bought tofu, it just tastes like the packaging,” Drewno says. “Tofu gets a bad rap because of that.” To make the tofu, Drewno boils house-made soy milk, then adds a coagulant. The resulting clumps are placed into a mold, then pressed. “It’s really creamy and subtly nutty and has a lot of the great properties like cheese does,” Drewno says. Some of The Source’s tofu items are on the menu, while others can only be ordered if you’re in the know.


Lightly fried salt and pepper tofu with wok-smoked chilis, topped with basil and other fresh greens. $19.

Drewno seasons this firm tofu with house-made curry powder. It’s served with stir-fried summer squash, eggplant, and other veggies and topped with an “assam-style” mustard-yogurt curry sauce.

This take on ma po tofu is made with steamed silken tofu that has the creamy texture of a custard. It’s infused with toasted crushed Szecuan peppercorns and topped with braised, diced, and stir-fried pork belly with a chili sauce.



Drewno is still experimenting with squid ink tofu. Here, it’s topped with garlic-y chili shrimp, but look for different preparations if you stop by the restaurant. Price may vary.

This chilled soft tofu is infused with yuzu, chilis, smashed garlic, and ginger, and a touch of soy sauce and topped with a smoked chili and shallot sauce, crispy garlic, and microgreens. $9.