Fro-yo shop Mr. Yogato is hosting a pop-up for your morning cup of joe. Every Monday through Friday from 7 to 10 a.m., D.C.-based micro-roaster Vigilante Coffee will supply a full espresso bar, single origin pour-overs, cold-brew iced coffee, and quick cups to go at the Dupont spot.

Vigilante comes from Chris Roessler-Vigilante, who got his start in the coffee biz as an apprentice for a small roaster in Hawaii after graduating from Virginia Tech. He went on to become an East Coast distributor for Pavaraga Coffee before starting his own roasting company at the start of this year. At first, he specialized in Hawaiian beans, but realizing that was like being a wine shop that only sells Merlot, Roessler-Vigilante has since expanded his selection to Guatemalan and Colombia beans, which he sources directly from the farms.

Roessler-Vigilante has even supplied Pavaraga’s Hawaiian beans to President Barack Obama. After meeting a White House staffer at a barbecue, he hounded her for three months until she finally sent an intern to pick up a sample of the coffee. “She realized I was the only person roasting Hawaiian coffee in the city, and he’s the only Hawaiian president we’ve had, so I figured we could make a connection.”  Roessler-Vigilante later got a letter from the President thanking him.

The pop-up at Mr. Yogato is set to continue indefinitely. Vigilante also sells its coffee from several area farmers markets, Dangerously Delicious Pies on H Street NE, Boccato Gelato in Clarendon, and a couple other spots. Also look for it at food and fashion market Maketto, coming to H Street NE early next year.

Vigilante Coffee at Mr. Yogato; 1515 17th St. NW;

Photo by Jessica Sidman