Sprinkles launches a “Pay It Forward” campaign today in the hopes of sweetening some of the bitterness that typically accompanies party politics on Capitol Hill.

The campaign, exclusive to the cupcake shop’s Georgetown location, encourages members of Congress to send an order of cupcakes to a senator or representative from the opposing party, who—if the “pay it forward” aspect goes as planned—would then send another dozen to a member on the other side of the aisle.

The cupcakes, which normally cost around $40 for a dozen, will be free of charge for participating politicians. (Congressional offices can place orders by emailing dc@sprinkles.com.) The promotion runs until Election Day.

The promotion was inspired by last year’s Congressional Cupcake Wars, in which seven teams of Hill staffers competed in various baking challenges to win bragging rights and an edible trophy. Sprinkles founder Candace Nelson judged the competition last July and came up with the idea of the Pay It Forward campaign, saying she hopes “to inspire a spirit of bipartisanship on Capitol Hill.” Because there are no red states or blue states when it comes to sugar highs.

Photo courtesy Sprinkles