Chef Geoff’s owner Geoff Tracy started his career as a busboy, and now he’s a bus boy again.

Tracy’s mug with a mug is making its way around town on about 20 buses. You can also spot him at the Rockville, Twinbrook, and White Flint Metro stops.

Tracy says this is the first time he’s taken out Metrobus ads. It’s a marketing platform he’s contemplated for years, but with the opening of his new Rockville location last week, he decided it was time to finally get on board. So far, he’s only a few days into a two-month campaign.

As far as we know, Tracy’s the only local chef brave enough to have his face grace a bus. (If you’ve got photos to the contrary, send ’em our way.) But he’s not the first in the family with public transit fame. His wife Norah O’Donnell was also pictured on a bus when she worked for NBC.

Already, Tracy says his kids have spotted him in the streets. Even we took note.  The only one who hasn’t experienced a Chef Geoff drive-by? Chef Geoff.

“I’ve yet to see it,” says Tracy, who’s moving to New York in January. “I know it’s out there.”

Photo by Darrow Montgomery