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Listmakers just don’t get our city, especially when it comes to restaurants.  Last week, Esquire perplexed nearly everyone by naming Roberto DonnaChef of the Year.” Now, the Post brings to our attention that the folks over at The Daily Meal have a new ranking of the top 35 pizzas in the country. And somehow, Adams Morgan’s Jumbo Slice Pizza cracked the top 12. As The Daily Meal explains:

It may anger pizza purists to hear, but it looks like in this case bigger is better. Jumbo Slice Pizza in Washington, D.C.’s Adams Morgan neighborhood offers just that, jumbo-sized slices for the ever-so-hungry crowd looking to fill their stomachs to capacity (most frequently, when they’re drunk). There’s virtually no structural integrity, and it’s all about the gimmick, but this cheesy, saucy, gigantic slice is actually really, really tasty (and no, not just because you’re drunk when you eat it). Face it, folks, the jumbo slice has become a local mainstay, and practically one of the city’s iconic foods at this point. The only thing holding it back from world domination? A bigger oven so it can get even more ridiculous.

2Amys also makes the list at No. 33. No, we can’t believe it either. Not only is 2Amys better than Jumbo Slice Pizza, but there are at least 12 other D.C.-area restaurants that also serve superior pies. In no particular order:

Menomale Pizza Napoletana

Ristorante Posto


Pizzeria Orso

H &pizza

Seventh Hill

Pizzeria Paradiso


Pete’s New Haven Style Apizza

RedRocks Firebrick Pizzeria

Comet Ping Pong


Got another pizzeria that’s better than Jumbo Slice? Name it in the comments.