Some people will put hot sauce or ketchup on nearly anything they eat. But Logan Circle’s new gastropub Drafting Table has a better idea: Put an egg on it.

The restaurant offers a 64-degree egg that can be added to any dish for $1. The egg is cooked in an immersion circulator, which is used for sous-vide, for 50 minutes at 64 degrees Celsius (about 147 degrees Fahrenheit). The result is something like a poached egg but with a creamier center and more even consistency all the way through.

“I know I’m a big fan of 64 degree eggs, and I thought that everybody else would fall in love with them too once they got to try it,” says chef Ciji Wagner. Her father actually grew up on a chicken farm, so eggs have always been a staple of her diet.

So far, Drafting Table has been selling about 15 to 20 eggs per night. Wagner says they’re best with the burger, but diners have ordered them with the beer-braised brisket, pear and prosciutto salad, fish and chips, and even as a dipping sauce for the fries. Some people just order the eggs by themselves as an appetizer.

“People will always want to do something that doesn’t quite make sense to me,” Wagner says. “So they can put it on whatever makes them happy.”

Photo via Shutterstock