Georgetown take-out and delivery spot Wisey’s is suing a neighboring competitor for allegedly ripping off its name, logo, and other materials.

Wisey’s filed a lawsuit against the owner of Wiseats (known as Café Romeo‘s until recently) for infringing on its trademark. The complaint states that Wiseats owner Davar Ashgrizzadeh began marketing “inferior but competing products” under the “confusingly similar” name Wiseats earlier this year “for the sole purpose of trafficking off of Wisey’s good will and reputation.” Both restaurants are located on Wisconsin Ave. NW, less than a mile apart.

Wisey’s says Wiseats simulated its logo with a nearly identical one (see the above image, from the legal complaint). The complaint states that Wisey’s logo has remained “essentially unchanged” since 2006, while Wiseats began using its logo this year. The complaint also alleges that Wiseats has widely distributed a menu that intentionally mimics Wisey’s menu (see below).

“Defendants are intentionally defrauding D.C.-area consumers and maliciously profiting by, quite literally, brazenly stealing and injuring the reputation and goodwill that Wisey’s has spent years building,” the complaint reads.

Wisey’s owners and lawyer declined to comment while litigation was pending, and Y&H has made several attempts to reach Ashgrizzadeh for comment. Y&H called Wiseats this afternoon and asked about the lawsuit; a man who answered the phone but did not identify himself said, “I’m sorry, I can’t talk to you about it” then immediately hung up.