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Y&H is taking a bite out of election-night coverage with some poll analysis. Food and drink polls, anyway. We’ll be hopping around town, pitting red- and blue-inspired specials against each other to determine tonight’s victor.

We’re kicking things off at Cashion’s Eat Place, which has traded its regular menu for one full of Obama- and Romney-themed dishes. We started off with the Chicago steak fries with tomato sauce and the Romney fries with truffle oil and Parmesan (both $6).

“Its the perfectly balanced table,” says our server.

He’s right. With the fries, this is a neck and neck race, folks. The Obama fries are big wedges with a flavorful crispy crust. The Romney fries are skinny and dressed up sexy, with their sprikling of cheese and intoxicating smell. But once you get beyond the surface, they’re really just your standard-issue fries and you’re happily sopping up your tomato sauce with the Obama wedges.

The dark horse of this race is the $11 Spam dish with sunny side eggs, macadamia nuts, frisée, and croutons, which pays homage to the president’s Hawaiian roots. Yes, this is really spam and not some upscale version of it. The hot salty meat is balanced with the creamy egg yolk, pleasantly citrusy frisée, and crunch of the nuts and croutons. We can’t believe it either, but it’s actually better than the $16 Romney lobster roll, which has a little too much mayo and dill for our tastes.

The winner here: Obama.