The Dish: Crispy trotter tots

Where to Get It: Cause, 1926 9th St. NW; (202) 588-5220;

Price: $7

What It Is: Tater tots made with pig’s feet and potato, served with lemon aioli.

What It Tastes Like: Deep-fried and crunchy, these breaded tots are full of fatty, lush pork flavor, cut nicely by the tangy lemon.

History of the Dish:  “We use whole animals so I wanted to make sure we utilize everything we have,” says chef Adam Stein.  “Pig’s feet are one of those things people tend to overlook, but it’s a lot easier to approach with a nice, crispy outside.  It’s one of our more popular appetizers, even to my surprise.”

How to Eat It: Go hog-wild on these perfect pork cubes, and use your fingers. But, please, keep the squealing down.

Photo by Mary Kong-DeVito