Dumplings with a side of tater tots? Sure, why not. Mad Momos, opening today at 4:30 p.m. in Columbia Heights, features Himalayan dumplings known as momos, but with some not-quite-traditional fillings, dipping sauces, and sides.

Among the selections are a shrimp, fish, and sweet pea dumpling with lemon ginger shallot sauce as well as a “compassionate vegan” dumpling with mushrooms, carrots, kale, lentils, sweet corn, and brown rice paired with a nutty lime dipping sauce. “Momo meals” ($13-18) include seven pan-fried or steamed momos with two sides—-options include tater tots, seasonal slaw, and sweet potato fries.

The rest of the menu looks equally eclectic with a barbecue chicken sandwich, beer-steamed mussels with linguini, and vegetarian chili verde. At the bar, you’ll find 16 craft beers on tap or in bottles as well as some cocktails and wines. Two-for-one happy-hour specials go from 4:30 to 7 p.m.  Tuesday through Thursday.

Mad Momos is branding itself as “eco-friendly.” The two-story restaurant sourced its fixtures and mismatched furniture from organizations that specialize in salvaged and green building materials. The team also plans to recycle fryer oil and has a small herb garden.

Mad Momos, 3605 14th St. NW; (202) 829-1450; madmomos.com

Photo via Mad Momos