In this week’s print column, we judged the best, worst, and weirdest in D.C. food this year. Among our “Hungries” awards was “most misused foodie term,” which went to “speakeasy.” But there are plenty of other phrases that were abused and overused in 2012 (and even yours truly is sometimes guilty). Here are ten terms we hope to hear less of next year:

1. Pop-up

Any guest chef dinner or special event is now automatically deemed a pop-up. The concept doesn’t even need to be temporary to be a pop-up anymore.

2. Artisanal

We knew it was over for this word when we saw “artisanal lettuce” on the menu at Crios Modern Mexican in Dupont Circle.

3. Farm-to-table

Where do you think your food came from before?

4. Nose-to-tail

Wow, sweetbreads on the menu? Yawn. Not so original anymore.

5. Soft-open

It’s either open or it’s not.

6. Neighborhood restaurant

All kinds of restaurants, even hotel restaurants, want to brand themselves as a “neighborhood” spots regardless of the vibe or crowd. The term is now completely meaningless.

7. Hand-crafted

As opposed to robot-crafted? Or foot-crafted?

8. Housemade

Now that pretty much every new restaurant does its own pickling/infusing/brining, they don’t really need to point out that a dish is housemade… Plus, can’t we just call it homemade?

9. Tapas

Just because it’s served on a tiny plate doesn’t mean it’s tapas.

10. Sustainable

This word is used to describe so many different things, we don’t even know what it means anymore.

Got others? Leave ’em in the comments.

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