What food trends would you like to recede in 2013?

John Uselton

Co-founder, New Columbia Distillers

“I would like to see less ‘moonshine.’ The term moonshine refers to liquor made illegally by a guy in the woods, not by a licensed distilled spirits plant. Let’s call unaged whiskey what it is and not romanticize it by calling it moonshine.”

Victor Albisu

Chef/owner, Taco Bamba and Del Campo

“No more restaurants with the word ‘wood’ in the name. More tacos and less burgers.”

Santosh Tiptur

Executive chef/pastry chef, Co Co. Sala

“I hope to see fewer cupcake places in 2013.”

Teddy Folkman

Chef/owner, Granville Moore’s

“I’m gonna be honest and say none of them. I like all of them. Whole animals raised on the restaurant’s rooftop farm, smoked in front of you for 10 hours using local wood? Bring it. Twenty-four amazing courses paired to the music stylings of Yngwie J. Malmsteen’s Rising Force? Why not! House-made pasta with house-made ricotta topped with the oil of six different olives pressed tableside? Please and thank you! Chef David Chang said it best: ‘Bad trends were usually good trends. They just got watered down into a really bad, overdone trend.’ Just find the place that started and does the trend right. You shouldn’t be disappointed.”

Billy Klein

Chef, Cafe Saint-Ex

“Reclaimed wood.”