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Farmers Fishers Bakers is really concerned about men peeing on the floor of the restroom. That’s why the Georgetown Waterfront restaurant has mounted a warning sign above the urinals—in the form of bull testicle removers.

“It’s better than the sign ‘please don’t pee on our floor,'” says GrizForm Design Architects’ Griz Dwight, who designed the restaurant. The idea, he says, came from Farmers Fishers Bakers owner Dan Simons.

Dwight says he obtained the devices, known as emasculatome castrators, from a local farm supply store. “I actually think we are the largest purchaser of castrators in the country for the past couple months,” he says. Whereas most farms only need one or two, Dwight bought 18. “People got a little nervous at the farm store.”

The architect fashioned the castrators into small sculptures that hang above and to the sides of each of the three urinals. Below the devices are plaques, which each say something different. The general message is the same: “Step closer. Don’t pee on the floor. This is a castrator you’re looking at,” Dwight summarizes.

In contrast, the women’s restroom at Farmers Fishers Bakers is decidedly warm and happy, with floral tiles, a rug, and makeup counter. Above the stalls are ceramic bee hives with ceramic bees floating across the ceiling—not nearly as disturbing at the men’s room, unless you’re allergic to bees.

“In restaurants these days, bathrooms are such a big part of it,” Dwight says. “You really have to go big.” And sometimes, you really have to have balls.

Photo by Will Sommer