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D.C.’s New Columbia Distillers, which produces Green Hat Gin, and Brooklyn-based Greenhook Ginsmiths are dropping their lawsuits against each other, bringing their trademark battle to a close, Legal Times reporter Zoe Tillman reports. New Columbia Distillers co-founder John Uselton confirmed the news to Y&H and says both distilleries will retain their names and labeling. No money changed hands, he adds in an email statement.

The legal dispute over whether the names were confusingly similar began with Greenhook Ginsmiths filing a lawsuit against New Columbia Distillers in November. The D.C. distillery responded with a lawsuit of its own last month, saying that it had filed its trademark application earlier and noting that a number of other alcohol brands also have the word “green” in their names.

Read Uselton’s full statement below:

We are very pleased.  We agreed to dismiss our case, and the other side agreed to dismiss its case.  No money changed hands.  No one is changing their labeling.  The issue was whether the trademarks Green Hat and Greenhook Ginsmiths were confusingly similar.  Basically, after we filed our declaratory judgment lawsuit, both companies agreed that there is no confusion and both companies hope there never will be any confusion.  We look forward to competing with Greenhook Ginsmiths in the marketplace.