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Should the women’s restroom at forthcoming Bardo brewpub have squat toilets? There’s been a, uh, stream of comments responding to the idea since co-owner Bill Stewart posed the question on Facebook.

“Okay Females!,” he writes. “We are trying to set up the Women’s bathroom to make everyone happy. question for today… Would ladies use / prefer SQUAT toilets (the kind they use in Asia) with these, women don’t have to sit on dirty toilet seats. comments please! thanks.”

Yes, Stewart tells Y&H, this is a serious question. He explains that his brother/business partner Andrew has always had a problem with the women’s toilets. Their thinking: Most women hover over the toilet, and then they pee on the seats, making other women cranky about pee on the seats. “Just trying to make the girls happy,” Bill says. “I don’t frequent many women’s restrooms, so I have no idea what would make them happy, but I am willing to try whatever they like.”

So, ladies, what do you think?

Photo courtesy Bill Stewart