Pesky credit cards! Sweetgreen is now making it possible for its customers to skip the swipe and pay and get rewards via mobile app.

“It’s kind of like Uber for salads,” says co-founder Nic Jammet.

Here’s how it works: Once you download the app (available for iPhones and Androids), you enter your name and credit card info—or scan your credit card, and it will upload the information automatically. The registers at all Sweetgreen locations now have scanners, so to pay, all you have to do is hold up the QR code on the app.

The app, which is run by the payment platform LevelUp, also integrates Sweetgreen’s rewards card—except now, buying more salad and froyo unlocks different statuses with more rewards. After your first purchase, you get “green status,” which entitles you to a free salad on your birthday. Spend at least $1,000, and you get a free salad for you and a friend on your birthday plus surprise swag and invite-only events. And if you’re blowing more than $2,500 on Sweetgreen, there’s the mysterious “black status.” Jammet won’t reveal what you get for that. On top of all the Foursquare-like statuses, for every $100 you spend, you unlock $10.

In addition, one percent of all purchases made through the app will go to DC Farm and School Network, which helps incorporate healthy local foods into D.C. schools. (Sweetgreen locations in other cities will give proceeds to other local charities.)

The app also has the ability to track some of your preferences. When you sign up, you can note whether you are vegetarian, vegan, gluten-free, or nut-free, which will allow Sweetgreen to notify you if there’s a new special coming. In the future, the app might also ask about music preferences.

Jammet tells us they’re doing a number of promotions to get people to try out the app. For example if you get three friends to download the app, they get $3 and you get $3 when one of them make their first purchase. Customers also get a $5 credit for downloading the app before the end of the day on Sunday.

Photo by Jessica Sidman