Siyamak Sadeghi, a former owner of Shaw’s Tavern and the shuttered Axis Bar and Grill on U Street NW, is opening a Mediterranean tapas spot called Dunya Restaurant & Lounge at 801 Florida Ave. NW.

The restaurant will have a dining area on the ground floor, lounge on the second, and rooftop bar above that. Dunya, which means “world” in Turkish, will have a Spanish design. Sadeghi describes it as a “very simple and cozy kind of place.”

The menu will also take inspiration from throughout the Mediterranean region, but Dunya does not have a chef yet. Sadeghi adds that it will be a cocktail-centric place, especially in the lounge, with Mediterranean wines and some Spanish beers as well.

Photo via Google Maps

He’s aiming to open by mid-June.