New restaurants are opening on the 14th Street NW corridor faster than we can dine at them—including seven in just the past two weeks. Will the restaurant derecho ever abate? Will the strip be overrun by pizza joints? Is there such a thing as peak taco? Take in this list of what’s new and what’s still coming, and decide for yourself.

Restaurants opened in 2012: 4

1. Hanoi House, 2005 14th St. NW

2. Drafting Table, 1529 14th St. NW

3. Black & Orange, 1931 14th St. NW

4. The Pig, 1320 14th St. NW

Restaurants opened so far in 2013: 9

5. Etto, 1541 14th St. NW

6. Taqueria Nacional, 1409 T St. NW

7. BakeHouse, 1407 T St. NW

8. Matchbox, 1901 14th St. NW

9. Le Diplomate, 1601 14th St. NW

10. B Too, 1324 14th St. NW

11. Ghibellina, 1610 14th St. NW

12. Black Whiskey, 1410 14th St. NW

13. Sweetgreen, 1325 W St. NW

Restaurants Yet to Open: 14

14. Kapnos, 2201 14th St. NW

15. G, 2201 14th St. NW

16. Diego, 2100 14th St. NW

17. Piola, 2208 14th St. NW

18. Doi Moi, 1800 14th St. NW

19. Ted’s Bulletin, 14th and Swann St. NW

20. Lupo Verde, 1401 T St. NW

21. Tico, 14th St. NW between U and T streets

22. Compass Rose, 1346 T St. NW

23. Bar di Bari, 1401 R St. NW

24. M Cafe & Bar, 1634 14th St. NW

25. Barcelona Wine Bar, 1622 14th St. NW

26. Chipotle1508 14th St. NW

27. Something from the Taylor Gourmet guys, 1418 14th St. NW


(Taco and Mexican spots: 7)



Taqueria Nacional


El Centro D.F.

Pica Taco

Tortilla Coast


(Italian and pizza spots: 10)




Lupo Verde

Bar di Bari

M Cafe & Bar


Manny & Olga’s


HomeMade Pizza Company

Non-Local Restaurants Coming: 4


Barcelona Wine Bar



Fast-Casual Spots Opening in 2013: 5




Taqueria Nacional


Establishments with Black in the Name: 4

Black Cat

Black & Orange

Black Whiskey

Black Jack

Graphic by Jandos Rothstein.

The map originally contained several production errors. It labeled two restaurants as No. 17. The lower one should have read 19, corresponding with Ted’s Bulletin on 14th Street NW. It also labeled Riggs Street as R Street, showed Corcoran Street continuing past 13th Street, showed Rhode Island Avenue running through Logan Circle, and left off several streets.