The barrel-aged Manhattan at The Rye Bar in Georgetown’s new Capella hotel has gotten a lot of media buzz for its $22 price tag (excluding tax and tip). But if you don’t want to drop a Jackson and a Lincoln on a single drink, A&D bar in Shaw is now offering a $13 barrel-aged Manhattan—tax included.

The Rye Bar’s Manhattan consists of Dad’s Hat rye (a small-batch whiskey from Pennsylvania), Dolin sweet vermouth, and French aperitif Byrrh quinquina. A&D uses James E. Pepper 1776 rye and makes its own amber vermouth. The Rye Bar barrel-ages its Manhattan six weeks; A&D ages its drink at least a week and a half.

And as far as taste? Admittedly, A&D’s version isn’t quite as smooth as The Rye Bar’s. But for about half the price? I prefer it.

Left: The Rye Bar. Right: A&D.

A&D, 1314 9th St. NW; (202) 290-1804;

Photos by Jessica Sidman