The landlord of Zeke’s DC Donutz didn’t just complain about doughnut fumes, leading to the shop’s temporary closure—they also sued them.

The complaint, filed by Grosvenor Urban Retail in D.C. Superior Court on April 25, also says owner Aaron Gordon owes $88,996.68 (plus legal fees) related primarily to the space’s previous tenant Tasti D-Lite, although both parties say they are working that out. “We’re going to try to resolve it amicably,” says the landlord’s attorney Eric Mitchell. “We’re all trying to work together here.”

While the complaint was filed a month ago, Mitchell says the landlord has held off on serving Gordon. He says it was a mutual decision for Zeke’s to shut down while it worked out some of the issues related to the smells. Regarding what the lawsuit calls “unusual and objectionable odors” coming from the doughnut shop, Gordon says he’s hired engineers and contractors to find a solution. He says there is still a chance that Zeke’s might relocate elsewhere.

As for the money, Gordon confirms that most of it dates back to the bankruptcy of Tasti D-Lite, which subleased the space from him before he opened Zeke’s. “They left me hanging,” Gordon says. “Their headaches became my headaches.”

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Photo by Will Sommer

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