Bloomingdale’s new grill-centric restaurant The Red Hen has teamed up with DC Brau and Virginia’s Linden Vineyards on a barrel-aged draft beer that will begin pouring next week.

The farmhouse ale called “Sailing the Seas of Lees” is aged for six weeks in Linden Vineyards’ oak barrels with Sauvignon Blanc lees (the residual yeast left from the wine after fermentation). The finished product is a “juicy, citrus-flavored Saison with a minerality that resembles a cider or dry white wine,” according to a press release.

The Red Hen co-owner and beverage director Sebastian Zutant is longtime friends with DC Brau founders Brandon Skall and Jeff Hancock. And the partnership with winemaker Jim Law is no surprise give Zutant’s expertise and love of wine. (Zutant was previously the wine director at Proof and Estadio.)

Sailing the Seas of Lees will be on tap for $7 a glass beginning June 11 until the eight sixtels are gone. No word on whether The Red Hen will serve the beer in their Heroes of the Torah glassware.

The Red Hen, 1822 1st St. NW; (202) 525-3021;

Photo by Jessica Sidman