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The Dish: Fried pickled herring

Where to Get It: Domku, 821 Upshur St. NW; (202) 722-7475; domkucafe.com

Price: $9

What It Is: Pickled herring, pan-fried in egg and Panko crumbs and topped with fresh tomatoes, cucumbers, and red onions.

What It Tastes Like: If you like Spanish anchovies, you’ll enjoy the salty, tangy, slightly sweet, and very fishy taste. The brined and cured fish is covered by a light layer of ultra-crunchy, golden brown bread crumbs and served with fresh vegetables that will help cool your tongue.

The Story: Chef/owner Kera Carpenter ate a fried herring dish in Stockholm and wanted to duplicate it. Finding fresh herring is difficult here, so she tried frying pickled fish. “It took a very long time to convince people it was a good dish,” she says. “But once they try it, they order it every time they come.”

Photo by Mary Kong-DeVito