It’s by no means a done deal, but Mr. Yogato owner Steve Davis is setting himself up to potentially take over the Dupont space that’s home to Zeke’s DC Donutz

After neighbors and the landlord complained about doughnut fumes at Zeke’s, the shop closed last month in order to resolve ventilation issues. The landlord, Grosvenor Urban Retail, even filed a lawsuit over the odor as well as separate money issues. Owner Aaron Gordon says he’s still trying to work out a deal with the landlord that will take care of both the odor issue and the lawsuit. Only if that deal falls through will Davis potentially take over the property. Right now, he has no lease.

But Davis is getting ready just in case. He has formed an LLC called Skill Set and just applied for a liquor license. He’s also met with the local ANC.

And what exactly does he have in mind? He’s keeping the details under wraps, but it won’t be another frozen yogurt shop. “It would be a goofy restaurant bar with the same uniqueness, funness/goofiness in a restaurant bar that Mr. Yogato has in a yogurt shop,” he says.

Davis says he’s interested in the space because it’s similar to Mr. Yogato’s basement nook. He doesn’t have any other properties in mind if the deal falls through, but he hopes to eventually bring his concept to life either way.

Stay tuned.

Photo by Will Sommer