The Sandwich: The Chivito

Where: Del Campo, 777 I St. NW

Bread: Brioche bun

Stuffings: Seared ribeye, ham, mortadella, fried egg, olives, hearts of palm, lettuce, and onion

Thickness: 4.5 inches

Number of animals: 3 (cow, chicken, pig)

Pros: The perfectly toasted, absorbent bun keeps the ingredients warm and the runny egg yolk contained. It arrives with a side of thick-cut fries and salsa golf, an Argentine condiment made with ketchup and mayonnaise.

Cons: The heaviness of the ham and mortadella slightly overpower the ribeye. Swapping one of the several slices of ham for an extra sliver of steak would really send this sandwich over the top.

Sloppiness factor (1 to 5): 3

Overall score (1 to 5): 4. This isn’t a sandwich for the cholesterol-conscious. But the balance of ingredients and textures, from the slight sweetness of the bun to the cool crispness of iceberg lettuce, satisfies every imaginable flavor profile. Just come prepared to loosen your belt, because this guy fills you up fast.

Photo by Jessica Sidman