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As if Minibar wasn’t exclusive and expensive enough, José’s Andrés‘s 12-seat avant-garde restaurant is now adding an even more exclusive private dining room called José’s Table. (The former restaurant inside a restaurant has a new restaurant inside it—meta, we know.) The table costs $3,000 for up to six people. The price is the same whether you have one person or six.

José’s Table, hidden behind a flowing white curtain, was previously only used by Andrés and his “close friends.” Diners in the private room can choose the regular Minibar menu or a special menu with fewer, but slightly larger unique dishes. The menu will vary daily, but it may include dishes like salt-baked foie gras with a salad inspired by glass blower Dale Chihuly; espardenyes (sea slugs) with snap peas and Iberico ham; and roasted squab with truffles.

That $3,000 price tag includes beverage pairings, tax, and tip. With six guests it breaks down to $500 per person. Dinner at Minibar costs $225 per person with optional drink pairings of up to $200. Add tax and a 20 percent tip to that, and you’re paying $561. So if you have six people who are already planning to splurge on Minibar’s most expensive drink pairing, José’s Table is actually a deal.

To make a reservation, call (202) 638-0202 or email The table is available in advance on a first-come-first-served basis. Meanwhile, reservations  for Minibar are available seasonally. Requests for fall/winter reservations (September through February) begin today. Email with your full name,  phone number, number of guests in your party, and preferred date and seating time (6/6:30 p.m. or 8:30/9 p.m.).

Photo of Minibar main dining room by Ken Wyner