Ice cream trucks? So passé. Now it’s all about ice cream served from a bike, apparently. CreamCyclesells gourmet ice cream sandwiches from refurbished Good Humor tricycles. Milk Cult slings gourmet ice cream sandwiches from the sidecar of a motorcycle. Now, here’s the latest: Ice Cream Jubilee is offering a monthly ice cream “subscription” delivered to your home via bicycle.

Starting today, Ice Cream Jubilee will offer one-month ($25) or two-month ($50) subscriptions with four half-pints of different flavors delivered each month. The July flavors include chocolate five spice, blueberry pie, gin and tonic sorbet, and Thai iced tea—with ice cream made from Maryland cream. The company is working with bike courier service Urban Delivery to bring the product to customers’ doors.

While transporting meltable treats via bicycle during Washington’s hot, sticky summers may not seem like the wisest delivery mechanism, founder Victoria Lai says the ice cream will be packed in coolers with dry ice. “We’re going to make sure they’re equipped to make sure the ice cream remains frozen and gets delivered in the best state,” she says.

Lai, a lawyer with the Department of Homeland Security, started making ice cream as a hobby and taking pictures of her creations for her blog. Through Feastly, an online platform that allows people to find or host dinner parties with other locals, Lai began hosting ice cream tasting parties last summer. “They were just selling out,” Lai says. “The first time I had slots for about 30 people and like 300 signed up. It was just overwhelming.”

She then did another tasting at Blind Dog Cafe, and eventually began producing ice cream out of the professional kitchen space and “food incubator” Union Kitchen. Aside from the delivery service, Ice Cream Jubilee also sells its ice cream at Glen’s Garden Market.

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Photo courtesy Ice Cream Jubilee