Tonight at 5 p.m., brothers Bill and Andrew Stewart will finally open their resurrected brewpub Bardo, an Arlington beer institution in the 1990s, on a grassy lot at 1200 Bladensburg Road NE.

The brewery component is still awaiting permits, and it will take at least three weeks before Bardo is able to produce its own beer. In the meantime, Bardo will have about 20 beers on draft, ranging from North Coast Brewing Company’s Old Rasputin Imperial stout (Bill’s personal favorite) to beer from Virginia’s Devil’s Backbone Brewing Company to Natty Boh. (“No PBR,” Bill says, “I hate PBR. It’s filled with hipsters.”)

The outdoor bar is filled with picnic tables and corn hole. There will soon be a projector set up to play movies, as well. Fans of the original Bardo’s cheap nachos will have to wait. For now, food trucks will supply the grub.

As for the squat toilets in the women’s restroom, which Bill was looking to put in? The plumbing inspector wouldn’t allow them. However, there’s only Porta Potties for now.

Read more about the brewpub’s history here.

Photos courtesy Bill Stewart