Here’s an unusual perk if you’re in the market for a one-bedroom condo in Chinatown: Taylor Gourmet co-owner Casey Patten is giving away five years’ worth of free hoagies to whoever buys his place.

Or more precisely, he’ll give the new owner a gift card to his restaurants worth $2,970. That breaks down to one 12-inch hoagie every week for the next five years. Or if you’re more of a risotto ball fan, one order of risotto balls every week for the next ten years.

The 800-square-foot condo, located at 777 7th St. NW above Clyde’s, was renovated two years ago by Grupo 7, the same architects who designed Taylor Gourmet. The 7th floor unit includes a 400-square-foot private outdoor terrace. The asking price? $489,000. Patten says it hasn’t been listed yet but will go on the market today or tomorrow.

“It’s perfect for entertaining,” Patten says. After all, you can not only host guests, but feed them.

Check out more photos and details below.

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Photos courtesy Casey Patten