Yesterday, the President’s outgoing chief economic advisor Alan Krueger appeared at Politico Playbook Lunch to answer important questions about foreign policy, the economy, and—of course?—whether Le Diplomate lives up to the hype.

Moderator and Politico White House correspondent Mike Allen asked Krueger about the hot new French restaurant on 14th Street NW after Krueger revealed that he lives in Logan Circle and had just tried it for the first time for brunch. “I should probably try it a second time before I answer that,” Krueger responded. He admits he is a fan of Estadio, Oyamel, and Agora (“one of my standards”).

Krueger, a native of New Jersey, also weighed in on the all important question of New York’s food scene vs. D.C.

“New York has got a lot more restaurants. I think that the top tier are pretty similar,” Krueger said. “In New York, the restaurants stay open a lot later. I used to live up above Jaleo, which is a fabulous restaurant, and for a Spanish restaurant that closed at 10 o’clock, that seems to me…In Spain they’re just getting ready to go out to dinner then. So, I think that’s probably the biggest difference, the hours.”

Watch for yourself in this C-SPAN clip around 51 minutes.