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The cafeteria at the Library of Congress had a whopping 32 sanitation and safety violations during a Department of Health inspection on July 12. Among the nine critical and 23 noncritical violations: vermin sightings, missing trash cans, and a faulty dishwasher machine. The eatery was able to correct 15 of the violations on site, avoiding forced closure. (Six critical violations result in a shutdown.) But it might make the health-conscious sightseer wonder: What other tourist destinations have health code problems lurking in their cafeterias? Turns out, most museum cafes aren’t so bad—in fact, they appear to be a lot cleaner than the average D.C. eatery. We may scoff at tourists for eating overpriced hot dogs at museum cafes, but maybe they’re onto something?

Mane Grill at the National Zoo

3001 Connecticut Ave. NW

Last Inspection: May 29, 2013—four violations, one critical

Violations: a leaky sink; mold on ice machine; missing paper towels

Resolution: All corrected before follow-up visit

Stars and Stripes Cafe at the Museum of American History

1400 Constitution Ave. NW

Last inspection: April 18, 2012—zero violations

Spy City Cafe at the International Spy Museum

800 F Street NW

Last Inspection: June 6, 2012—three violations, two critical

Violations: Hot water not hot enough; storage areas for cold foods not cold enough

Resolution: One corrected before follow-up visit

Fossil Cafe at the Museum of Natural History

1000 Constitution Ave. NW

Last Inspection: July 31, 2012—four violations, two critical

Violations: employees not wearing hair restraints; mold on the ice chute; and cold food being held at improper temperatures

Resolution: All corrected before follow-up visit

Newseum Cafe at the Newseum

555 Pennsylvania Ave. NW

Last Inspection: Feb. 13, 2013—13 violations, five critical

Violations: dishwashers that are neither hot nor powerful enough; raw meat stored above cooked meat in the refrigerator; lack of signage directing employees to wash their hands

Resolution: Eight corrected on site

Graphics by Carey Jordan