The Reheat Index takes one of the District’s favorite foods and sends it through the microwave. Some meals will rise again, delicious and transformed, others will fall apart when faced with electromagnetic radiation.  

Where: Good Stuff Eatery, 3291 M St. NW

The Dish: The ’Shroom Burger, which used to be listed on the menu as “Vegetarians Are People, Too ’Shroom Burger.” Apparently now you can enjoy a set of flash-fried portobello mushrooms stuffed with muenster and cheddar cheese and all the traditional fixings without acknowledging vegetarians. Unfortunately, those portobello mushrooms, entombed in a Panko crust, make for a pretty tepid burger.

To go please! I wadded my leftovers in Good Stuff Eatery’s liner paper and made a B line to the condiment island. If you’re taking anything home from here, there’s a solid chance you should be burying it in one of their five mayo flavors, including Old Bay, Sriracha, and mango. The team running the place seems to agree: The condiments are special enough that they get their own little to-go containers with lids. 

Time Cooked: 30 hours later, two minutes in the microwave, nestled in its liner paper

The Reheating: Remove the top bun, and you’ve basically created a tasty mushroom bruschetta. The bottom bun gets a little chewy in the microwave, yes, but it also absorbs a lot of tasty oils from the cheese and the mushroom. It’s strange, because the flavor was totally absent in the first visit. The cheese itself oozed out within the first few bites, despite my efforts to coax it into the back half of the burger. But with a small pop of pickle, there’s a little bit more life in the burger. Slather on a little Chipotle mayo, and it’s a nice hors d’oeuvre for one.

Warm Up Points (1-5): 2.5 Call me cranky, but the ’Shroom Burger is more fun to eat after it’s been in my fridge for a day and there’s no one around taking selfies with their meals.