For the last two and a half years, husband wife team Dinesh and Nidhi Tandon have been serving stuffed roti and other Indian fare from small street stands—first in front of Union Station and then at Eastern Market and the seasonal Georgetown University Farmers’ Market. As of today, they’re able to expand their offerings with the opening of their brick-and-mortar restaurant, Indigo, located at 243 K St. NE in NoMa.

Nidhi helms the kitchen with family recipes from her northern Indian upbringing. She grinds her own spices and makes everything from scratch. Although Nidhi is vegetarian, Indigo also offers meat dishes. On the rotating menu, scrawled on a chalk board, you’ll find five to six vegetarian offerings (Dinesh says okra and eggplant is his favorite), along with at least three meat options, including the standard chicken tikka masala. Roti fans can rest knowing the homemade flatbread will be on the menu, too. Entree-sized portions range from about $9 to $12 and $3 for vegetarian sides. Indigo will also offer a thali, a plate with lots of smaller-portion tastes.

The restaurant, which has 22 seats indoors plus about 60 outside, is open for lunch and dinner. There are no servers at Indigo; guests walk up to a counter to place their order. (There’s free WiFi and books while you wait.) The Tandons are still working on getting a liquor license but hope to eventually serve beer, wine, and spirits.

Dinesh says there are also no doors to the kitchen, in order to encourage diners to peek in and see what Nidhi is cooking. “It is kind of your home kitchen away from your home,” Dinesh says. “We want people to come in like friends.”

The husband-wife team will continue to operate at Eastern Market and the Georgetown market once a week.

Photo courtesy Indigo