Toki Underground and Maketto chef/owner Erik Bruner-Yang has pleaded guilty to simple assault, following an attack on his ex-girlfriend’s fiancé in June.

Bruner-Yang signed a deferred-sentencing agreement on Aug. 8, in which he agreed to enroll in alcohol/drug treatment and anger management as well as perform 20 hours of community service. He is also required to stay away from the victims. If he violates any of those conditions or breaks any law, he could risk jail time.

Bruner-Yang’s wife Seda Nak, who was also involved in the attack, pleaded guilty to simple assault as well as unlawful entry and signed a deferred-sentencing agreement with the same conditions.

According to charging documents, Bruner-Yang andNak showed up at the home of Bruner-Yang’s ex-girlfriend and her fiancé at 6:45 a.m. on June 26. The ex-girlfriend, who answered door, told police that Nak started yelling, “What do you want to say now? What do you want to say now?” and then rushed into the house. When the victim’s fiancé came downstairs, he shoved Nak out of the house.

Nak continued to kick the door, according to the charging documents, and Bruner-Yang was reported to have yelled, “I’ll kill you.” The fiancé then exited the house to ask Bruner-Yang and Nak to leave the property, at which point, documents say, Bruner-Yang and Nak assaulted him—Bruner Yang threw a punch and tried to choke the victim, while Nak punched and kicked him once he was on the ground. (You can read more details about the incident here.)

According to court records, Bruner-Yang’s ex-girlfriend believed Bruner-Yang and his wife came to the house over a Facebook post that she made in reference to their wedding.

Bruner-Yang declined to comment. He continues to operate his “residency” and test kitchen for Maketto at Hanoi House. Maketto is slated to open on H Street NE later this fall.

Photo by Darrow Montgomery