Although heavily scripted, most menus don’t have a plot. But at 2 Birds 1 Stone, the basement sister bar to Doi Moi, the weekly changing, hand-drawn cocktail lists from bar manager Adam Bernbach tell a story—or at least constitute works of art. Some of the darker, cinemaesque menus take inspiration from a graphic novel, Stray Bullets, set in Baltimore in the ’80s. Meanwhile, a mountain-shaped menu emulates Chinese ink drawings from a catalogue Bernbach once picked up at the Hirshhorn.

Bernbach says the menus all started with a make-your-own Old-Fashioned kit with comic book-like instructions that he made for owner Mark Kuller’s 60th birthday. “He thought that was hilarious and he really loved it. He was like, ‘You should really consider doing the menus for 2 Birds in this vein.’” Bernbach, whose mother was an artist, now spends a few hours inking each week’s list. The only thing more artful than the menus? The drinks on them.

Check out all of Bernbach’s menus below.

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2 Birds 1 Stone, 1800 14th St. NW,