While bar manager Adam Bernbach‘s cocktails and hand-drawn menus are reason enough to check out to 2 Birds 1 Stone, the basement sister bar to Doi Moi on 14th Street NW now has one more attraction: Southeast Asian bar food.

2 Birds 1 Stone just launched its five-item food menu, which currently has a lot of overlap with the Doi Moi menu. Both spots, after all, share the same kitchen, overseen by chef Haidar Karoum. Among the familiar dishes: spicy fried cashews, crispy shrimp and pork rolls, garlic chive mushroom dumplings, and Thai wok-tossed marinated beef. Unique to 2 Birds 1 Stone are fried lemongrass coconut chicken wings.

“I didn’t want to do anything down there where you would need chopsticks or a knife,” Karoum says. “It’s supposed to be simple stuff.”

Karoum says the menu will remain short with some items rotating in and out. He hopes to eventually add a small banh mi—”my favorite sandwich”—and says he may test out some dishes at 2 Birds 1 Stone before bringing them to Doi Moi.

Check out the full menu descriptions below:

Spicy fried cashews with dry chilies, garlic, and kaffir lime leaves, $4

Crispy shrimp & pork rolls with jiacama, carrots, cellophane noodles, black fungus, nuoc cham, $10

Crispy garlic chive & mushroom dumplings with sweet soy and black vinegar dipping sauce, $8

Thai wok tossed marinated beef with Shark Sriracha, $8

Fried lemongrass coconut chicken wings

Photo by Jessica Sidman