D.C. is among the first cities in the country to get a taste of Chipotle‘s new organic vegan burrito-stuffer, called Sofritas. The spicy ground tofu was first tested in California early this year, and today, it’s being rolled out across D.C., Baltimore, Richmond, Philadelphia, and Chicago. (You can also now find it in a few Western states like Colorado and Oregon.)

The tofu, produced by California-based Hodo Soy, is shredded and then braised with chipotle chills, roasted poblanos, and other spices. Like all the the meats, you can get it in burritos, bowls, tacos, and salads. It’s $6.37—the same price as chicken and veggie options—in D.C. locations.  

Sofritas has the fewest calories of Chipotle’s protein offerings (145 calories per four ounce serving vs. 190 for streak, chicken, and carnitas). But it also has the most total fat with 10 grams per serving vs. 6.5 in chicken or 8 in carnitas (although there’s less saturated fat).

But most importantly, how does it taste? And will it appeal to the nonvegetarians that Chipotle hopes will also give it a try? I gave it a shot for lunch, and my answer is yes.  The spices make it taste like chili, and the texture is surprisingly chewy, like ground chicken. If I didn’t know any better, I might even be fooled into thinking it was such.

Photo by Jessica Sidman