Baltimore Washington Brew Works Pendulum Pilsner

Where in Town: Mayfair Liquor and Wine, 7312 Georgia Ave. NW

Price: $13.99/64 oz.

Nice Jugs?

Running out of vodka for Sunday morning Bloody Marys used to mean no at-home drinking until Monday in the District. Not anymore, and the same law passed late last year that allows Sunday alcohol sales also permits D.C. shops to fill and sell 64-ounce growlers. Some places like D’Vines, Sherry’s, Whole Foods, and Yes! Organic Market already have filling stations. Spotting a draft system where there wasn’t one before always quickens my pulse, but I have mixed feelings about growlers. Yes, they’re a great way to get fresh beer directly from a brewery or brewpub when bottles or cans aren’t available. And yes, the containers are environmentally friendly (and look cool), and buying in bulk can be more economical. But without high-tech equipment and special care, growler beer is hard to keep good for more than a few days—a sobering reason to stick with a six-pack.

Drinking for One

I can’t always rely on my lightweight husband for help, so I opt for fill-ups of beers I can whip through on my own in one or two nights. My most recent choice was the easy-drinking Pendulum Pils, a light-bodied, 4.5-percent alcohol lager. It has grain and corn aromas, mildly sweet malt and earthy hop flavors, and a moderately dry finish typical of American Pilsners. If you’re curious about Baltimore Washington Beer Works and its Edgar Allen Poe–themed beers, pick up a “Four Poes in One Box” variety pack. Or better yet, head to Glen’s Garden Market, where Pendulum was recently spotted for $1.99 per 12-ounce bottle, a better deal than my growler.

Photo by Tammy Tuck