While the fate of the Sriracha supply remains uncertain, here’s some good new for hot sauce aficionados: D.C. has a new homegrown condiment called Glover’s Pepper Sauce.

The small-batch pickled pepper relish is created by Jamie Glover, who works for a corporate foreign exchange company called Tempus and recently set out to bottle his creation at Union Kitchen. Glover says the pepper sauce grew out of his pickling experiments at home. “I just started pickling every vegetable in our kitchen,” he says. One day at a farmers market in Annapolis, one of the vendors was trying to unload a 10-pound crate of peppers at the end of the day. “I just took the challenge and I pickled them, and I wanted to see what was going to happen. That’s kind of where it started.”

Glover’s Pepper sauce is made with five different types of peppers infused with vinegar and spices for about a month. Glover says he spent a year and a half trying to get the right combination of flavors. He also produces a spicy pepper-infused vinegar called Glover’s Spicy Vinegar.

Glover says the name of the pepper sauce is actually a tribute to his grandfather, Bill Glover, who was the radar man and waist gunner on a B-24 Bomber during World War II. The image on the bottle’s label was the artwork on the side of the bomber.

The products are currently available at the Vienna Whole Foods, Gone Native at Union Market, and Capital City Brewing Company. Glover says he’s on track to be in eight more Whole Foods plus five restaurants and 10 stores by the end of the year.

Glover is also trying to raise additional funds to expand his operation on the crowd-sourcing site Fundable. Help him reach his $10,000 goal here.

Photo courtesy Jamie Glover