Osteria Morini, the new Italian restaurant from New York chef Michael White, officially opens today. But before you go, here’s one piece of advice: Don’t trust your phone’s directions.

Plug the address—301 Water St. SE—into Google Maps, and it will automatically take you to 301 Water St. SW, which is a mile away from the restaurant near the Waterfront metro. Anthony Jackson, who is the head of social media for the Altamarea Group (which operates Osteria Morini), has been in touch with Google and was able to get the restaurant to show up on the map. So if you just type in “Osteria Morini,” it will take you to the right place. But even that was no simple task: The restaurant had set up a mailbox in order to receive a postcard from Google with a verification PIN number.

Jackson is still trying to get Apple maps (the default on the iPhone) to correctly identify the restaurant’s location. Plug Osteria Morini’s address into your iPhone, and you’ll end up in a totally different, equally wrong location on a blocked-off road under the 11th Street Bridge near the Navy Yard. Only Bing will direct you to the right spot, which is a block away from Bluejacket brewery (300 Tingey St. SE) toward the Anacostia River.

The reason for the mix-up, presumably, is that the development that houses Osteria Morini and also forthcoming restaurant Agua 301 is so new. But the bad directions were already causing trouble last night when the restaurant held a preview party; nearly everyone noted how lost they got on their way there.

Until the online directions are fixed, consult the map below. To confuse things even further: Despite the address, the entrance to the restaurant isn’t actually on Water Street.  It’s located on the far side of the building facing the waterfront.

If you see this, you’ve made it:

Photo by Jessica Sidman. Maps via Google Maps.