No need to make your own crappy gumdrop-covered gingerbread house this year. The edible structures are the latest thing getting the artisanal treatment. Woodward Table is offering “hand crafted” gingerbread houses for $85.

This is actually the second year the restaurant has sold gingerbread houses. Last year, it sold out of its 15 to 20 houses and had requests to make more, says manager Steve Gustafson. “One of the guys who ordered two of them last year wanted to order 10 of them for this year,” he says.

A team of six pastry chefs works to make the gingerbread and frosting from scratch and then decorate the houses with peppermints, snowcaps, candy canes, and other candies. (The restaurant will take candy preferences into consideration as long as the candies are readily available.) “With the demand for them this year, we have to bring in a lot of people to help make them because they’re so time consuming,” Gustafson says. “It takes days to get them all done right.”

The houses—which are 100 percent edible—must be preordered by Dec. 6 and can be picked up after Dec. 15. For more information, call (202) 347-5353 or email

Photo courtesy Woodward Table