Silo, a modern American restaurant with a “Swiss-French twist,” opens in Mount Vernon Triangle Saturday with former C.F. Folk’s chef George Vetsch leading the kitchen. Y&H previewed the restaurant from owner Reza Akhavan a couple weeks ago, but take a look at some food photos and the dinner, dessert, and drink menus below. Appetizers ($7-$13) include vanilla-braised frog legs and salmon tartare with potato foam and jellied tomato consommé. Entrees ($17-$24) range from veal neck roast to monkfish in a savory egg sauce with swiss chard, grapefruit, and anchovy-chervil chips.

Kohlrabi soup with Appenzeller cheese fondue and fennel oil:

Mussels gratinée in a vermouth leek sauce:

Fried pumpkin triangles with eggplant tomato mousse and garlic sautéed spinach on cauliflower sauce:

Pork stew in a paprika sour cream sauce, grilled rapini and pepper tagliatelle:

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Silo, 919 5th St. NW; (202) 309-0073;

Photos courtesy Reza Mohaddes for Silo

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