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If you want to eat a huge mound of seafood, your best bet is generally some sort of fancy raw bar platter. Prepare to plonk down $65 minimum. But Shaw oyster bar Eat The Rich has an impressive Sunday brunch alternative: the Grand Chesapeake Boil for Two.

Grand indeed. For $38, you get a fisherman’s net worth of cooked clams, whelks, large scallops, shrimp, squid, and swordfish in a buttery glaze with some smoked pork garlic sausage and two poached eggs. Hidden underneath it all are some new potatoes, pickled button mushrooms, and purple, green, and yellow cauliflower florets. The dish is accompanied by grilled bread and a highly addictive sweet spicy aioli made with roasted and raw garlic. Even with two people digging in, good luck finishing it all.

While Eat The Rich has a number of other intriguing brunch options, like the “Watermen’s Remedy” with shellfish broth, seafood dumplings, and squid ink noodles, the Chesapeake boil is the clear favorite. Looking around the bar, I noticed at least half the diners had ordered super-sized surf and turf dish. And with good reason: It may just be one of the city’s best brunch values.

Photos by Jessica Sidman