The landlord of Kushi Izakaya & Sushi is seeking to evict the restaurant over unpaid rent, taxes, leased art, and other fees.

Edens, which owns the property, filed a lawsuit in D.C. Landlord & Tenant Court on Jan. 24 seeking payment of more than $131,000 from August 2013 through this January. On Feb. 24, Edens also filed a separate civil suit for breach of contract against owners Darren Lee Norris and his wife Ari Norris as well as fellow lease guarantor Ichio Kushimoto, who lives in Japan. The complaint in the civil case says the restaurant owes nearly $160,000 in rent and other charges through Feb. 11.

Darren Lee Norris declined to comment but said “we’re trying to” stay open. The landlord’s attorney, Kevin McParland, could not immediately be reached for comment.

This is actually the second time the landlord has sought to evict Kushi. Edens filed a suit on May 9, 2013, stating that the restaurant failed to pay more $61,000 between March and May of last year. That case has since been closed.

Take a look at the complaints below.

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Photo of Darren Lee Norris by Darrow Montgomery