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Whatever happened to “appetizers,” “entrees,” and “desserts?” Instead of those traditional categories, many restaurants are opting for cutesy menu sections like “pickings” and “fun bites” instead. Perhaps it’s no surprise: Rare are the restaurants that offer the traditional three-course format anymore. Now, often, it’s choose-your-own-adventure with a selection of small plates, which range from single bites to shareable dishes, plus family-style platters that demand lingo of their own—even if it’s hopelessly vague. (What are “urban picnic” dishes anyway?) Take a look at where you can find snacks, smalls, chomps, other goods, and other quirky menu subsections.

Fainting Goat: Nibble, Graze, Chomp, Feed

Roofers Union: Stacked, Stuffed, Simple

Teddy & The Bully Bar: Garden, Coast, Plains, Tavern, Docks

Beuchert’s Saloon: Snacks, Whole Meals, Company, Treats

Lincoln Restaurant: Pickings, Pantry, Roughage, Farmstead, Meadows

Daikaya: Fun Bites, Green Things, Fish Things, Meat Things

Evening Star Cafe: Smalls, Supper

B Too: Out of the Fridge (cold starters), Into the Oven (hot starters)

Firefly: Urban Picnic, Mains

Founding Farmers: Dogs & Rolls, Fresh Catches, From the Range, Meatless

The Pig: Pig, Less Pig, Greens & Starches, Supper

Rose’s Luxury: Cold, Warm & Grill, Other Goods

Station 4: To Share, Principals

Photo from Fainting Goat by Jessica Sidman