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D.C. has seen its fair share of underground supper clubs, but usually you at least have some idea of who’s cooking. Not so for Arcane, which launches to the public on April 5 and promises a “radical and esoteric approach to the art of cuisine” and “addictive pleasures in the form of food, libations, skin, art and music.”

Even more strange is the dress code: Men wearing suits and “hard bottom shoes” and women in “club dresses” will apparently be turned away at the door.

The $35 event includes unlimited food and booze from five chefs at an undisclosed location. The theme? Gluttony.

“We actually wanted who we are to remain a mystery. The chefs involved work in the high-profile Washingtonian scene and so do I,” Arcane’s founder, who wants to remain anonymous, tells Y&H in an email. “Arcane is a place where they can showcase their culinary expertise in an underground setting. The whole objective is for our target audience to come and enjoy art, music and cuisine and just BE. Who you are, What you are, simply doesn’t matter.”

A description on the supper club’s Eventbrite page describes it like a bad action movie or a parody of an underground supper club:

Q. Who’s Cooking?
A. The Hooligans

A band of brothers that forge with sharp steel, immense flames along with that I don’t give a fcuk attitude while on the chase for the perfect bite. These liberal vandals have displayed their genius in many DC area restaurants, Political Galas and “The Black House.” Often these are the gents that they sneak through the back door and keep off the record.

But now, they’re ready to showcase their culinary expertise like never before with no restraints, raw and uncut.

WTF Should I Wear?
Nothing! But if you must, artsy, chic, daring, skin, offensive, tight, bold must we go on. No hard bottom shoes, collard shirts or suits for men. No club dresses and prudent style cocktail attire for women. Dare to show up like that you will not gain admittance…

Is This Worth My Time?

If you enjoy being enslaved to what is “good” and what is “fun” in Washington, D.C. this may not be for your weak mind. This is a chance to live, experience and taste. This isn’t processed or filtered.
So, are you tired of the typical Washingtonian’esque scene? Want to partake in some adult fantasy type shyt? ….. or nah?

Tickets are available here. 

Image via Arcane