Toro Toro already looks like sort of like a chic prison with its floor-to-ceiling metal bars and jumpsuit orange accents. But the newly opened Pan-Latin steakhouse also has something else in common with lock-up: not a lot of privacy when you pee.

The men’s and women’s restrooms share a trough-like sink divided by a mirror, but in between is a large gap with a direct view of the urinals. That’s right, ladies, you can actually see the guys taking a leak. (Women’s stalls have more privacy with cowskin-covered doors.)

In an era where soft-core porn is acceptable and ubiquitous restroom decor, maybe this isn’t so scandalous?

Other restaurants have similar setups that connect both bathrooms, but none are quite as ripe for flashers. The men’s and women’s restrooms of the downtown Jaleo are also divided only by a mirror with a gap below the sinks to the ground. Meanwhile, the Georgetown outpost of El Centro D.F., from the same owners as Toro Toro, has no mirror division, so guys and gals come face-to-face when washing hands.

Ostensibly the idea is to spark conversation. But “wow, you must have had a lot to drink“ is a terrible pick-up line.

Toro Toro, 1300 I St. NW; (202) 682-9500;

Photo taken from the women’s restroom by Jessica Sidman