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The reality of marked-up prices on food and beverage at the ballpark isn’t exactly a secret—no one paying nine bucks for a can of Miller Lite believes it’s a bargain. But with the arrival of so many stadium outposts from D.C. dining establishments, Nats fans can figure out exactly how much they’re getting fleeced on food. We’ve done the heavy lifting—looking at the price of an item on the menu at, say, Ben’s Chili Bowl and calculating the percentage difference in price at Nationals Park. (Bear in mind that portion sizes could differ, and ballpark prices include tax, for which we’ve accounted below.) A precious few stadium options will actually save you some pocket change over their outside-the-park counterparts, but for the most part, your financial batting average at the game might be even lower than you thought.

*All prices in the graph include tax

Graphic by Jandos Rothstein