The Georgetown location of Marvelous Market—the very last—will close after today.

“It just wasn’t making money,” says Senior Vice President Shawn O’Quinn of Thompson Hospitality, which operates the business. But this isn’t the end of Marvelous Market, he says. “We’re exploring opportunities to find a new location… We hope to reopen in the city.”

“We’ll definitely miss the customers here. They’ve been great. We appreciate everybody’s loyalty and patronage,” O’Quinn added.

Marvelous Market was started by local baker Mark Furstenberg in 1990, but he sold the chain in 1996. Furstenberg  will soon open a new cafe and bakery called Bread Furst. He posted the following response to Marvelous Market’s closure on his blog:

I feel a certain sad symmetry this morning as I wait for our health department inspection to be conducted in a few hours – the final requirement we must fulfill before we open Bread Furst.

Dahmane Benarbane, the owner of Baguette Republic, a wholesale bakery in Chantilly, called me yesterday to tell me that the last Marvelous Market store will close today. So as Bread Furst, a new neighborhood bakery prepares to open next week, my first neighborhood bakery that opened 24 years ago, finally dies.

Marvelous Market was a name well known in Washington and it could have lived on and prospered. Its decline was the result of very bad decisions made by very few people.

Even as we prepare to open Bread Furst, this beautiful space that will be the workplace of talented people, even though I think we are creating something that will be valued by the neighborhood, even by the city, it’s awful for me to see Marvelous Market disappear.

Photo via Marvelous Market