For Jack Whitsitt‘s third year at Artomatic, he will be doing a large, moving, interactive mixed media installation. It combines a projector, a webcam, music, drawings and photography all in one piece. Whitsitt explains the projection is of a visualizer program he wrote himself which incorporates images of Artomatic viewers on a custom made screen that covers most of his wall.

The background (which you can see an example of in the video below) moves and changes color based on whatever music is playing in the background. In front of the moving background will be three framed images of charcoal drawings Whitsitt has drawn. He says: “Onto those drawings, I’ll project the actual photos. This should make them ‘glow’ a bit and feel a little ethereal.

How do you feel about taking part in the 10th Anniversary of Artomatic? “I feel excited to be a part of the 10th Artomatic. This is my third time participating – the first year I ran a live Second Life installation in Crystal City – and I’ve grown to look forward to it during the summer.  It’s one of the few local events that allows for true artistic experimentation and is even, in many ways, a large collaborative art project in and of itself. Some of the walls created by artists are as interesting and creative as the art itself and the excitement that brims over during installation and throughout the show is unbeatable. Where else can you find a ‘Dr. Who’ themed temporary tattoo parlor? I’m a big fan of ‘art as an experience,’ and Artomatic is the best event in the city to find that.”

Why should an Artomatic visitor make the special trip to visit your space? “Visitors should come see my space because it’s bright, it’s shiny, it moves. You’ll be part of the piece while you’re there, you might get to see me create more art on the fly, and it might be the only piece in the show combining so many different forms of art into a single installation.”

Where can we see your work next? “I exhibit periodically (often art Art Outlet shows) around town, but don’t have anything specific coming up.”

You can see Jack Whitsitt’s work on the 7th Floor on the core wall of Space 1 in Area 12.